Additional Services


With our qualified engineers, architects and technocrats who have specialized in designing and fabricating special structures, we offer all kinds of roofing services for industrial, commercial and residential purposes. We complete the whole work under the client budget and work collaboratively understanding their exact needs.  We undertake all kinds of pre-fabricated roofing tasks and many others which require sophisticated infrastructures. 


 We help you transform a not-much-utilized area of your home into a beautiful patio. Bringing in style and comfort to your outdoor space with the help of our durable and most recent techniques, we allow you rejoice with your right investment. Bright colors, decors and lighting ideas will surely add charm to your living space hugely. Our creativity and layout will surely impress you and fulfill your imaginative thoughts into reality. Installing a patio has never been much easier, reach us and feel it. 

Painting Interior | Exterior

We are committed to provide supreme quality exterior and interior painting services. Having served for many years to the residential and industrial spaces, we are confident to take up any kind of project for painting. Our employees are highly skilled in executing the painting services with complete finishing. We have numerous choices for selecting colors, textures, designs and wallpapers need for painting purposes. 

Plumbing | Electrical

 We offer great plumbing services to our customers that satisfy them fully. From installation of fresh plumbing system to upgrading of older ones, we are here to help them. Through our wide experience and dedicated team, we have been able to offer high quality services to our customers. We also undertake repairing, maintenance and check up work ensuring all facilities to run well smoothly. 

High technicians and efficient workers are required to ensure flawless electrical finishing. Prevention of any risk and danger associated to electricity should be taken care of and we have knowledgeable workers who sincerely deliver perfect electrical services to our customers. 

Masonry | Concrete | Flooring

 Masonry is a structure laid in and bound together via individual units of materials such as brick, marble, stone, limestone, concrete block, cement, etc. We provide highly durable form of construction to beautify your homes with the high quality of the mortar and we ensure that the units are assembled in significant patterns. 

 Masonry work looks attractive in the outdoors of houses that provide a different fascinating look to the onlookers. It may be worked in various forms such as stairs, walls, driveways, patios and decks. From contemporary to older look, we can finish up any kind of masonry work timely and on affordable budget. 

We at BG provide top class flooring services that include a wide range of floors covering installation of carpet, lamination, stoning, marbles, ceramic, etc. We have the finest quality of materials available in our stock. We provide fast installations with guaranteed long lasting results. Flooring is one of the most important factors at homes that add beauty and elegance. 


We undertake pool services including renovation, maintenance, monthly services, removal of winter plugs, reassembling pump, filtering and starting complete pool system, repairing defective parts, chemical test for water, etc.