Addition, 04.13.16

 We recently completed a major addition with BG Construction in West Los Angeles and are totally happy with it. The addition entailed a 1600 square foot increase in our house, redoing the entire exterior by replacing old shingles with new siding, replacing our entire roofing, new electrical wiring and exterior patios and walkways. Needless to say this was a huge job.We were introduced to Joseph of BG Construction by some close friends who are very picky. But they spoke very highly of him, his entire team, and the superb results. So we met Joseph and were impressed. He is an intelligent, warm, fair, knowledgeable professional. We worked through our project and he gave us a very detailed bid. He even promised to get the job done “on time” and “on the agreed upon budget”. And that is exactly what he did!For nearly five months his team worked on our job. Without fail they were timely, courteous, polite, honest, and fun. Oh, we should also say, terrific experienced professionals. No issue came up that we couldn’t solve with them. It is a major disruption to do extensive work on your house. We lived through it, staying in our house the entire time. (We recommend staying in your home or building if possible. There are countless small decisions to be made daily and being there is critical). Having the nice guys from BG Construction made the disruption easily manageable.Bottom line, lots of people can build. Not all of them are good (We have had two prior additions with not so great results) and fewer still are consummate professionals who you want to have around. BG Construction is that rare blend of superior work and warm personalities. We look forward to working with them in the future. You should too. 

Removal of Drop Ceiling, 05.01.17

 BG Construction did a wonderful job. I was in a hurry so Joseph came over that afternoon to give me a quote. Not only was he able to give me a quote while he was there, we also agreed on the price and they started the next morning! Grant it, this wasn't a large project so I'm not sure all your project can start this quickly, but I was very impressed. His electrician finished in one day and the painter needed only two days and the project was done. Another employee came by the next day to pick up all the discarded product. The electrical and painting was professionally done and the workers were very conscious of and careful not to disrupt the inside of our home. I highly recommend BG Construction. 

Bathroom Remodel, 12.25.16

 We have an older home, and needed to redo one of our bathrooms that had old, galvanized pipe. We had slightly more than two weeks to do the job and Joseph promised it could be done if we ordered all the fixtures in advance, which we did. With Johnny cracking the whip, we came in just under the wire, including a two-day delay caused by the city of LA, which cancelled one of our inspections at the last minute. We're very pleased with the result. The old bathroom had lovely tile from the '30s, which unfortunately had to go as the demo took everything down to the studs. At Joseph's suggestion, we replaced the tile with travertine, which is georgeous. Wainscoting all around gave the right period look to match the rest of the house. Once again, BG did not disappoint. They are extremely professional and conscientious, and all the work first rate. (Thanks again Ricardo and George.) You will possibly find someone to do your remodeling job a bit cheaper, but you will never have to worry about shoddy work with this company. We asked for several extras along the way which were cheerfully provided at minimal cost (eg, the makeshift bookshelves in an adjacent closet came loose during the demo--Johnny replaced them with much higher quality work). Once again, thanks a million, Joseph. 

Complete Home Renovation, 08.31.16

 Just recently completed a total home renovation with Joseph Giram and his amazing crew! The house was 60 years old and NOTHING had been done. I had never done a project of this size and felt a bit overwhelmed at first. I was referred to Joseph by a dear friend, who had a gorgeous bathroom renovation completed by BG Construction. She shared that everyone in her neighborhood used Joseph and loved the finished project. I was so impressed with her bathroom project, I knew who to go to when I needed to start my renovation. The minute I met Joseph, I felt at ease. I felt so comfortable, I didn't even bother to get a second bid. I just knew he was the right guy for me. He is super easy to talk with, a great listener, and immediately knew how to plan my massive project without stressing me out. We all have heard horror stories of friends who used contractors that ripped them off, took forever to complete a job, and had lousy communication. That was NOT my experience with BG Construction! Joseph put together a fair bid, and finished our job in 6 months. Everyone told us it would take a year, but Joseph finished the project in record time. I couldn't believe it. Joseph has the most amazing group of employees. Most have been with him for 20 plus years and it shows. They know their stuff, were incredibly reliable, worked long days, and were all so friendly and helpful. We had such a good experience, we added additional projects along the way. Our work included a complete design overhaul of the interior, raising ceilings, and removing 60 years worth of flooring, and pretty much everything else except the exterior walls. An overhaul of the sewer system in the house, new electrical, HVAC, all new bathrooms, kitchen, exterior redesign, you name it, we did it. The end result is gorgeous! Joseph has impeccable taste, and I am very picky. I learned I could trust his opinion on all design matters, and often asked his advice and took it. He was spot on every time. The best part of working with Joseph was his caring approach, and responsiveness. He seemed to treat the project as if it was his own. He calls you back immediately, he responds to texts immediately. I never felt for one minute that I would ever have a problem reaching him. Even during off hours. The guy is always available. He was very sensitive to price issues too which I really appreciated. Can't recommend BG Construction enough. I am actually so thrilled, I am looking for ways I can continue to work with Joseph on other projects. What a gem! You won't be sorry. 

Kitchen Remodel, 02.26.16

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know. After BG did an excellent closet-to-half-bathroom conversion (reviewed previously, I hired them to remodel our 90-year-old kitchen. To cut to the chase, they took our creaky, barely functional kitchen and turned it into a modern yet vintage-looking wonder, worthy of any design magazine. They did it on time and on budget. We couldn?t be more pleased with the result, which fully realized Eli's design.

Not that there weren?t hiccups along the way?the extent to which our galvanized plumbing needed to be replaced with copper exceeded expectation; finding the right above-range microwave oven proved a trial; and there were some days of waiting when not much seemed to happen. In retrospect, these sorts of problems are inevitable with any large remodeling project?kitchen re-dos are not for the faint of heart. But BG?s proprietor, Joseph, was always a phone call away, and came whenver needed. His right hand man, Johnny, was on-site in the mornings. The crews were professional and efficient. Sometimes?okay, often?we asked for extras?such as when we couldn?t figure out how to put together the vintage stool we had ordered?and these were cheerfully and expertly provided. (Thanks for that stool, and everything else, Ricardo!) There was George, who painted the laundry room twice (we decided against the first color we chose?oops!) and did it beautifully both times. (No extra charge, incidentally.) And of course Joseph, who lent me his time and expertise to advise me on other projects in which he had no financial stake (such as our backyard wall?to be built by our neighbor?s contractor). 

When the job was nearly complete, a friend of mine, who is a master woodworker, happened by and wandered through the kitchen. ?These cabinets are really well-made,? he said, ?Terrific job.? Before we started, I said to Joseph, ?Will it take two months?? He laughed and said, ?One.? He was exactly right. I thought we would like our new kitchen. I was wrong. We love it. Thanks, BG.   

Outdoor Bar, 10.02.17

 Joseph really has eye for design and construction, in the beginning I had it all planed out in my mind but I was unsure of the real application. He helped me put on paper and very professionally told me has to be done to get the job done. There is no cutting corners with this guy, once he starts he has to have everything done to perfection. It was unreal from start to finish, the team cleaned after the job, and made sure that the back yard was spotless. I am really happy with the work Joesph, thank you very very much this is just a way of telling world of your great skills.